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March 09, 2023

TMS Network, Optimism, and Polygon: Investors seek dominance as 2023 marches on


2022 is a bad year for cryptocurrency investors. First, Terra/LUNA lost billions of dollars in the crash, and FTX lost billions later this year. Recently, the market recovered in 2023, and investors expect to retrieve as many assets as possible. This means that they are much harsher than before. This will affectTMSN, lifting (OPT) and irregular graphics (MATIC).

Optimism (OPT)

At the end of February 2023, the trading activity of optimists increased significantly. The market leapt to the top mainly because of some important product upgrades announced by Optimism (OPT) in February. For example, Coinbase chose Optimism to add power to a new Ethereum 2-tier solution "Base". In addition, Optimism announced that they are working to unify several L2 solutions into a module called "super chain". Since the release of this announcement, the number of Optimism users has increased continuously, resulting in a 143% increase in consumer costs of Optimism network.

Irregular pattern (MATIC)

With the service commitment of central banks around the world to release CBDC, Polygon is one of the participants. Some digital banks have also participated in this activity. In the past few weeks, Polygon and Nubank, the digital bank headquartered in Brazil, have launched a cryptocurrency called "Nucoin". Because Nubank has about 70 million customers, this will be a good news for MATIC. Polygon blockchain is used to develop and design Singapore dollars

The price of Polygon has dropped this week, but due to the connection in Brazil, the popularity of Polygon will also increase gradually


TMSNIt is a new player in the market, but it has already played a basic role. TMS Network (TMSN) is an online trading platform, which enables users to buy and sell various digital currencies and cryptocurrencies, affecting data trading games. This is alsoGroundbreakingAnd can't help but be given by any trading website.

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besides,TMSNIt is a kind of teaching resource. The team behind TMSN attaches great importance to attracting investors to add its service platform. Therefore, TMSN gives its members handbooks, online courses and online seminars to master finance and trading, although they are absolutely white

The purpose of TMS Network is to become a serious gamer, and there are signs that they will become a serious gamer. They have just completed the first stage of pre-purchase. During this period, they sold all the shares of TMSN and raised $500000 in assets. This shows that investors are stillTMSNVery serious.


The investor was seriously burned in 2022 and did not want to be scalded. This is also why they turn to have "leg" investment, that is, the effect of the real world and its potential for improvement and longevity. Optimism (OPT) is a very good coin, and irregular graphics (MATIC) has developed smoothly, butTMS network(TMSN), which is most likely to bring huge benefits to initial investors.


Industry report:https://tmsnetwork.io/whitepaper.pdf





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