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December 17, 2022

Polygon (MATIC) Price Rally Soon: What’s With The Unusual NFT Trading Volume?


Polygon's NFT sales market is facing a very high acceptance stage at this stage. This could benefit from the company's collaboration with large companies such as Reddit, as well as NFT trading cards recently launched by US President Donald Trump.

Polygon fell to second place.

At the present stage, according to the data information of NFT data information aggregator Cryptola m, the trading volume of Polygon block chain is only second to Taifang, and the total market capitalization ranks 10th.

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According to statistics obtained by blockchain analysis platform Nathan, Polygon cannot change dynamic password (NFT) the total number of first-time and returning consumers in the daily sales market hit an all-time high in the last month of this year.


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Although the number of users of the continuous login password winter and other NFT ecosystems on the chain, such as Etherum and Solana, is declining every week, this is indeed the case.

The polygonal NFT explodes.

Another reason for boosting sales in the Polygon NFT market was the news released yesterday by NFT, centered around US president and billionaire Donald Trump, that retails for "only $99 each". Trump announced the news on his Truth social media and released a short video of 2min describing different types of NFT.

According to the escrow NFT site, the collection was forged on the Polygon block chain and a total of 45000 NFT will be built during the first operational binding period.

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In addition, there has also been an increase in dolphin-themed activities in the polygonal industry chain. In the past few days, the dolphin has already bought Majic for $3.7 million. In addition, according to data released by WhaleAlert, $9.2 million worth of Majic tokens were moved from Binance to another wallet.

Price of polygons (Ma Jiqi)

According to the industry's leading login password investment analyst, because the strong performance indicators indicate a reversal of the development trend after the "oversold area", coupled with the above beneficial fundamentals, Ma Jiqi's dynamic password will rebound.

At this stage, the price of polygon tokens is close to US $0.85. At the time of writing, it has fallen by 0.43% in the past hour and 4.1% in the past seven times. Before the fall in prices, all access to the password market fell sharply after the news that the Federal Reserve Board (Fed) raised interest rates by 50 percent, and the European Central Bank and the European Central Bank were slightly inferior.

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