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March 15, 2023

Hawex Group took part in the biggest digital currency event this year: Crypto Expo 2023 in Dubai


More than 10000 people who are interested in digital currency and financial technology met at an event to grasp the current data market prospects. Experts and special guests at the conference mentioned everything from investment to better stable currency and NFT.

Hawex, a Fintech enterprise, expounded its products on the exhibition stand and held a positive conversation with the conference users and special guests. The two-day event planning includes the general theme style of the current situation of the digital currency sales market. The group discussion included encryption control issues and the market prospect of introducing blockchain technology in medical and health care and public service management.

CBDO Hawex Group delivered a speech at the Crypto Expo in 2023, stating that С The difference between eFi and DeFi services. The advantages and disadvantages of the two kinds of service items have led to the great interests of the public. Many people have asked Hawex's representatives on the exhibition stand to master the С The probability of combining eFi and DeFi with other solutions.

The representative of Hawex Group explained the effectiveness of the service project in detail on the booth, such as encryption of SaaS products. For the Hawex team, this is also an interesting experience, which can improve their solutions to meet the needs of customers of Crypto Expo in 2023. Therefore, many users are looking forward to exploring new monetization and expanding their crypto-themed activities. Therefore, Hawex provides users with an opportunity to develop and design a digital currency exchange, through which users can easily enter the digital currency sales market. The Hawex Mobile app with wallet and card has also aroused great interest because it has raised payment to a new convenient level.

The group discussion schedule of Crypto Expo in 2023 is very busy and full of harvest. Guests and colleagues from the financial technology sales market participated in the authoritative expert performance.

Hawex established a strategic partnership in the meeting. In addition, the Hawex team is very keen to discuss the recent market prospects of the digital currency market. The development of financial technology services into digital currency has brought more and more test cases. Therefore, it is necessary to show the achievements of the development trend of financial technology, and the 2023 encryption exhibition is particularly suitable for this daily task.

The future development of Web 3.0 is closer than you think.

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