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March 28, 2023

Bitcoin and Ethereum communities call off their arguments


In order to enable the cryptocurrency community, it is crucial to note that the blessed address of each cryptocurrency and the blessed address of each cryptocurrency community are equally important. Bitcoin dominates the sales market, with no clear timetable for others to dominate.Ethereum has done its best, but its profits are very large.

Both communities can better adapt their tokens at their best.

During the recent process, there was a conflict between Bitcoin and the Ethereum community that needed to be resolved through the truce agreement proposed by Mike Novogratz. On an equal footing, Bitcoin and Ethereum firmly believe in the future development of their tokens and are willing to invest huge assets in these projects. In other words, both sides have some common characteristics that cannot be ignored.

In addition, both sides are a strong community. There are some differences, but it can be assumed that there are some similarities. For example, Bitcoin portrays itself as a repository of wealth, digital gold. On the other hand, Ethereum's ambitions range widely. The Ethereum community hopes to provide a decentralized service platform for blockchain smart contracts and applications.

The control methods vary, and the probability that Ethereum is truly surpassing Bitcoin is low.

What is really causing controversy between the two communities is a hypothetical scenario in which Ethereum's total market value exceeds Bitcoin and becomes the core cryptocurrency of the industry.

Assuming that this occurs on a certain day, the role of these cryptocurrencies will remain different across a wide range.

As an investor and former hedge fund manager, Novogratz once expressed a similar tone. In a media interview in July 2021, he pointed out that Ethereum would become the world's largest cryptocurrency. Even so, it still has a test case that is completely different from the original scenario.

The community immediately became aware of the dispute. Some friends say that these cryptocurrencies can coexist and develop, while others say that contradictions are deeply rooted in human nature, as everyone has different belief management systems.

BTC's current selling price is $27857.20. The transaction price of ETH is US $1755.30. When drafting this article, both values were correct. Last month, it was good for both communities, with the benchmark values rising to 18.54% and 7.47% respectively.

Ethereum was $1633.26 on the same day last month. Bitcoin is in a very difficult problem area, less than $25000. Specifically, the transaction price of BTC is USD 23499.40. This oneCryptocurrency Forecast AnalysisSee ETH surpassing BTC with a set of different types of test cases; However, it remains to be seen in the coming days.

Bitcoin has remained below $20000 for some time. The price increase of over $25000 has relieved the community. ETH still has a long way to go, but its practical ideals make it increasingly worthwhile. According to decentralized application software and blockchain smart contracts, the ETH community is looking forward to rapid development again.

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