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December 08, 2022

What are the requirements for mobile phones in mobile mining? Is mobile mining really zero investment?


What are the requirements for mobile phones in mobile mining? Is mobile mining really zero investment? Recently, the word "mobile mining" seems to be very popular. However, the mobile mining machine is a host computer with special algorithms. The mine is the site responsible for providing mining machine operations, as well as the composition of ore pools, miners and computing power; Do mobile phone mining require mobile phones? Now let's get to know.

What are the requirements for mobile phones in mobile mining?

1. System requirements: Android 6.0 (7.0 recommended) or above, Apple 9.0 (6S) or above.

2. Mobile phone requirements: Huawei is the most stable mobile phone of mainstream brands according to user feedback statistics.

3. Network requirements: byte transmission, no large flow requirements, and continuous stability is required

4. Performance requirements: At present, the mainstream models are enough, and the mobile phone's computing capacity will not be full during the mining process.

5. Important note: The mobile phone should keep the mining program running during mining.

Is mobile mining really zero investment?

Specifically, "mobile mining" generally refers to mobile versions of some mining platform APPs. Because this mining method seems to be "zero input", and formally, it can also "mine" anytime and anywhere, which is very attractive.

But is "mobile mining" really zero investment? Let's not talk about whether the CPU and GPU of the mobile phone are 18000 miles away from the hardware of the computer. The simplest thing is that a single mobile phone may not be able to find a valuable cryptocurrency for a long time, and it can only consume power in vain. In particular, there are many risks in "mobile mining".

At present, many mobile mining apps are just for obtaining personal privacy information. For example, a mobile mining app mentioned in the project white paper that the computing power of each user is measured by personal credit. That is to say, the higher the credit, the higher the computing power, and the higher the mining reward. In order to use this mobile mining app and improve computing power, users must bind their own facial recognition information, Xuexin information, JD information, etc. - if it is true that the higher the credit, the higher the computing power, then will Ma Yun and Liu Qiangdong be invincible?

What's more, many mobile mining apps are actually virus applications. For example, the malware exposed this year uses the browser script provided by the mining pool to mine. Because the browser mining script configuration is flexible and simple, and has the characteristics of full platform, it is targeted by malicious trojans, resulting in more frequent security incidents using script mining. Maybe hackers steal your information before they can "mine" cryptocurrencies with mobile phones. People will not only encounter problems such as cell phone jam, fever and even crash, but also other financial losses.

All pervasive pyramid selling has not missed the hot spot of "mobile mining". Some mobile mining apps, in the name of "mining", let users invest money and continue to develop offline. It can be seen that "mobile mining" is mostly a routine.

Speaking of this, I believe we have a further understanding of the requirements of mobile phone mining on mobile phones, and whether mobile phone mining is really zero investment. In general, with the advance of the computing power of the whole network, it is difficult for mobile phones to dig mines. If you want to really dig, you must use professional mining machines to dig.

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