November 19, 2022

Terra Luna News: Major Development Can Push LUNA to New Heights


In a blockbuster news related to Terra, the "alliance" control module will generate interchain bets, creating economic alliances among multiple blockchain technologies. Alliance is a Cosmos SDK control module, so it can be plugged into the Terra block chain according to Tendermint. Tendermint is a consensus agreement built for Cosmos.

Key features of alliance

Alliance is a new Cosmos control module that allows chain brands to bet on larger franchise assets based on liquidity bets on derivatives or LSD.

To a wide range, the Alliance allows all assets licensed for regulation to be handed over to verifiers to facilitate participation in mass production and renovation, including ICS-004 on assets bridged through the IBC mode.

Stakeholders of various assets receive the right to vote and overall rewards according to the proportion determined by the regulation. This kind of asset is called alliance asset.

Alliance module bet reward

When the betting rewards of alliance assets are swapped with those of local assets, the economic alliance between the transmission chains will be created.

In fact, this allows an economic alliance between a new transmission chain and more transmission chains, making local assets more lasting, profits from smaller and more liquid assets, and more ways to generate betting profits for holders of higher assets.

The alliance will allow the flexible allocation of reward weights to change over time to meet the changing needs of each blockchain technology.

Tara Luna construction project information mask

The feather plan has been ridiculed by du Quan for some time. This project aims to make it easier to release blockchain technology, as running and L1 still require a lot of time, energy and money. Feather expects to make it all easier, just like deploying a smart contract.

Combine "alliance" with feathers.Will assist developers in creating and CLI running a new chain based on using simple deployment scripts. The validator can monitor the startup of new chains based on xinetd and run validators and sentinel nodes for those chains.

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