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March 25, 2023

EOS and ChainGuardian show strong potential, along with Collateral Network with 3500% presale growth projection


In recent months, there have been mixed signs of cryptocurrency sales, as traders have struggled to determine their position. However, some tokens, including EOS, Chain Guardian (CGG), and Collateral Network (COLT), exhibit excellent development potential. The collateral network is still in the pre purchase phase and may soar 3500% before it ends.

EOS Enterprise

EOS is a blockchain platform suitable for decentralized application processes (dApps) and blockchain smart contracts. Although similar to Ethereum, EOS is unusual in that it provides higher scalability and faster buying and selling speed

EOS is a network of outstanding performance thanks to its independent innovation, delegated proof of interest (DPoS) consensus mechanism. DPoS allows EOS to allow token holders to select blockchain validators. Many people believe that this type of EOS approach is more efficient and democratic than other consensus mechanisms.

In addition, EOS has a rich community street software development team, with many dApps already running on the software. EOS is likely to perform well in the near future due to its strong community and innovative role

Chief Executive (CGG)

Chain Guardian (CGG) is another promising new cryptocurrency project. This is a distributed computing service platform that integrates games and NFT. Like other NFT game service platforms, ChainGuardian allows gamers to obtain cryptocurrency in their games. In addition, it uses NFT to provide in-game assets that users can trade on the chain

Unlike some other NFT games, Chain Guardian places gameplay first. ChainGuardian expects to attract true gamers, rather than focusing on investing in cryptocurrency locals. In that way, ChainGuardian can also become a portal network that uses blockchain technology more widely.

ChainGuardian also provides a remediation system software that allows token holders to vote on important service platform management decisions. In this way, unlike traditional game service platforms, ChainGuardian wants to put game players in the first place. With its powerful community and unique gaming methods, Chain Guardian is worth seeing in the near future.

Collateral Network (COLT)

The collateral network (COLT) has undergone impressive improvements in the past few months, attracting the attention of traders. This is the first blockchain technology crowdfunding platform where users can borrow with real physical assets

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According to the use of NFT, the collateral network allows everyone to borrow through their physical assets. For example, you can create an artwork on a collateral network. Subsequently, the website creates an asset supported NFT and subdivides it. Subsequently, borrowers can purchase this NFT through bond yields to provide assets for borrowing

The collateral network enables lenders to obtain liquidity while also providing borrowers with the Internet to make money. The collateral network hopes to provide cost reduction and transparent borrowing by reducing retailers. Overall, the collateral network demonstrates how blockchain applications can find real-world applications.

Thanks to its innovative approach, COLT has surged in ongoing pre orders. The forecast is that the property price will increase by 3500% in the months before the sale is completed

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