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March 17, 2023

Poloniex announces the launch of sub-account feature


About Poloniex

Founded in 2014, Poloniex is a well-known and rapidly developing international cryptocurrency trading center that engages in the trading of various well-known cryptocurrency assets, such as BTC (BTC), ETH (ETH), and LTC, to exchange other cryptocurrencies or various currencies in circulation. The transaction fees on this website are very competitive, so as a cryptocurrency trader, if you are very happy to buy and sell many cryptocurrency assets at the lowest price, no other cryptocurrency trading center can match Poloniex.

Another characteristic of Poloniex is that it is also very worthwhile for experienced and inexperienced traders, and can address decentralized assets, including decentralized exchanges. The trading center allows traders to purchase cryptocurrencies using bank accounts, Visa, Mastercard, or Apple Pay

Poloniex release sub account function

Poloneix intends to run a sub account in 2023. The essence of this is institutional adjustment and professional customer capital levels. In addition, the website is dedicated to designing various innovative trading tools, such as grid charts, trading robots, and back-end trading software, which can help customers provide various types of reasonable quantitative trading strategies.

A process of opening the sub account function

Although Poloneix has recently launched a sub account function that can be applied through the Polonex Internet page at this stage, it is not available in Google Search Play Store and Apple Online Store.

If you expect to create a sub account, the following process must be followed:-

  • Traders must create a master account for KYC authentication, enforce the use of Google Authenticator, and launch spot trading and contract functions.
  • After setting a sub account login password in the account creation process, the following key factors are the implementation of human-computer interaction technology and the one-time activation of the sub account using an email SMS verification code.
  • In the sub account creation phase, enable the "Must Google Search Identity Authentication" management permission (enabled by default). The customer must log in to his son's account to ensure that they can be activated when Google Search Identity Authentication claims to apply trading, savings, and withdrawal functions
  • After logging in to your account, go to the navigation bar at the top of the page, visit, and then click Sub Account.


"Sub account in the navigation bar and realize customized and online recharge functions"

Although you have effectively created a sub account in Poloneix for a long time, you can also change the name of the sub account related to the basic information; However, the email address is one exception. If the customer must create a new email account, a sub account needs to be created.

When creating sub accounts, some accounts are not enabled for saving by default. Therefore, the online recharge function will still not be applicable

The "Enable Savings" button (prohibited by default) after the creation of a sub account is not enabled cannot be used for online recharging. To activate this feature, the customer must log in to the main account, enter the "Sub Account" feature webpage, and write and enable the "Enable Savings" button for the sub account.

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